SilverDark's  Favorite  Recipes

Derived from 30 Years Experience Cooking in Diners and Restaurants Across the United States

Chocolate Truffles - Quick, Easy and Inexpensive to Make

Lasagna - This recipe will make your Italian Grandmother-in-Law Rave about your Cooking!!

Frying Pan Pizza - Now you too can make pizza without an oven!

and Many More Delicious Recipes that are Fast, Easy and Inexpensive to make.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm SilverDark aka Patti Barr...Before Retiring I was a
restaurant worker...Started out as a Bus person
moved up to Waitress then I began Cooking!! I Love
to Cook!! I have also Managed a couple of Diners and
Restaurants. I have been working in the industry for
over 35 years, Cooking for over 30 of them...All
across the United States from New Jersey where I
grew up, North to Vermont and New Hampshire,
Southwest to Texas, West to California and North
again to Alaska where I live now.
The Recipes I have gathered you will Not find in Any
popularly published books...They have come from My
Family or I have made them up myself for the various
Restaurants and Diners that I have worked for. A
couple of them have been printed in a little local
cookbook that our school put together to raise money.
The whole community contributed and they raised
quite a pretty penny for the school...We have a Lot of
Really Good Cooks in our little town of Kenny Lake
Alaska!! Enjoy the Recipes...Share your Efforts with
your Neighbors and when they ask...tell them where
to get their own copy!!!